Counterwords for Liberalist

“There is no truth”
A: How could this be true?

“You cannot know the truth”
A: How do you know this is true?

“This is true for you, but not for me”
A: Likewise.

“Nobody really has the truth”
A: Except you when you say this?

“The truth always changes”
A: Will this truth change?

“All truth is relative”
A: Is this truth relative?

“You should doubt everything”
A: Should I doubt this?

“Everything is meaningless”
A: What do you mean by that?

“It is wrong to judge”
A: Is that not a judgement?

“You should never apply your moral standards on others”
A: Why it okay to apply this moral standard on me?

“You should never impose your beliefs on others”
A: Why is it okay to impose this belief on me?

“We should be tolerant of all views to prevent intolerance”
A: What if the views are themselves intolerant?

“There is no truth in religion, only in empirical science”
A: Can you use empirical science to prove this, or is it itself a philosophical, metaphysical assumption?

“Listen to me, you need to think for yourself!”
A: What if I think for myself and decide not to listen to you?

-Areeba Alisha

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