What’s Wrong with Sufi-Quboori

🗣️ Barelwi /Sufi /Quboori/ Awnis :

You ruthless takfeeri wahhabis call us muslims as mushriks while we believe in Allah, we fast , we pray, we face the same qiblah, we eat your dhabeeha, we perform Hajj & Umrah

🗣️ Muwahhideen/Wahhabis/Salafis :

So what dude? Do you even know how strikingly similar the idol worshippers of Makkah were with your likes (i.e. grave and waint worshippers)? Well let us list it out for you:

1) The pagans of Makkah used to associate themselves with the millah of Ibraheem (‘alayhis salam)
2) They used to perform Salah (Allah called their prayers as Salah in the Qur’an) (See Al-Qur’an)
3) They used to perform Hajj (see Al-Furqan)
4) They used to perform Umrah (see Bukhari & Muslim)
5) They used to fast (See Bukhari & Muslim)
6) They used to invoke Allah alone (with full fledged Tawheed, but only during calamity) (see The Noble Qur’an)
7) They used to collect Sadaqah (charity) and demanded only halal wealth for it! ( إن قومك قصرت بهم النفقة )
8) They used to do good deeds like emancipating slaves!
9) They used to sanctify the Haram area and also the sacred months (ashhur ul hurum)
10) They used the word Jihad (Seerat Ibn Hisham)
11) They considered wiping their heads as the Ghusl of Janabah (the bath for major impurity)! (Musnad Ahmad)
12) They used to seek closeness to Allah by doing Silat ur Rahm (maintaining the ties of kinship) and even honor their guests during Jahiliyyah (Musnad Ahmad)
13) They used to do circumcision following the Sunnah of Ibraheem (عليه السلام)

Sounds like muslims right ? This was a glimpse of the pagan Qur’aysh of Makkah. Yet Allah called them Mushrikeen over and over again. Next time don’t come and tell us that you are muslims just because you pray and look like the muslims!

If you don’t understand Tawheed properly and you associate partners with Allah, you invoke other than Allah, then your shahadatayn is meaningless.

You are like them just as they were like you!

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